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Here are links to some of my favorite brands that I support


A few have also gifted me discount codes to share 

so please feel free to use & share them at your convenience!

Luciole Dancewear

Whether dancing or teaching, my outfit is never complete without a Luciole Dancewear skirt. 

For casual attire, their scrunchies are a great accessory!

Use my discount code: GRACE15

when checking out at Luciole Dancewear 

Photography by Noel Valero

Almond Cow

As an almond milk drinker, I have been through it all. I started making my own plant-based milk at home but was met with more work than I was prepared for.... The Almond Cow is a machine that allows you to make plant-based milk from the comfort of your home in under 30 seconds!

The best part is, you can make any type of milk or infused creation you can imagine as they provide countless recipes to make the most of your experience!

Use this link for a 10% discount

off your order!

This Saves Lives 

I am proud to be an ambassador for the beautiful non-profit brand, ThisSavesLives. For every bar purchased, a packet of food is donated to children and women in need.

Find your favorite flavor and contribute to a great cause

For more information on This Saves Lives, please see the instagram guide I created.

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