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Not your typical Blog style/Gluten Free/Single Serve/Pancake Recipe (or so we hope)

Okay so I swore I would NEVER and I mean never post a recipe on my figurative-at the time-Blog featuring a long drawn out personal story relating my life to the recipe.


So I'll leave you with this short introduction....

This Quarantine I was looking for a single serving pancake recipe that would

1. Keep me full in between my ballet classes

2. Satisfy my food cravings (Let's be honest taste was important here)

3. Was healthy and wouldn't cause me to second guess my decision based on the ingredients used.

I looked for hours online and was disappointed with the results-only liking certain aspects of certain recipes. I spent a few days trying out different adaptations until....

my Single Serving Gluten Free Pancakes recipe was born!

I hope this wasn't too drawn out and that you can easily continue on to my recipe below! :)


if reading is not your thing I have taken the liberty of filming this recipe in my latest Youtube Video which is linked Here:

All the best,

Grace <3


Gluten Free: Single Serve Pancakes


3-4 tbsp of oat flour (3 for dry ingredients and extra as needed)

[Note: If you don't have oat flour see video for further instruction]

1 tbsp of coconut flour

1 tsp of baking powder

2 egg whites***

3 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce/apple sauce**

1 1/2 tbsp of your choice of plant based milk

[Note: If you opt out coconut flour for all-purpose flour you may only need 1 tbsp of plant based milk]


1. Combine all of your dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl just to incorporate them all together.

2. Add in your egg whites, apple sauce, and plant based milk.

3. Once all your ingredients are combined evaluate the consistency of your batter. If necessary add the extra tbsp of oat flour to thicken the batter.

[Note: this batter is identical to pancake batter in terms of its thickness so it should be thin enough to spread on your pan but thick/lumpy like a usual batter]

4. Heat your pan with a cooking spray of your choice for several minutes on medium-high heat. Splash a few droplets of water on the pan to make sure its well heated before beginning to add your batter.

5. Using a ladle or tablespoon begin to form your pancakes to your desired size on the pan.

[Recommendation: begin with one pancake the first time you add batter to the pan]

6. Depending on the size of your pancake the cook time for each side should be 2-3 minutes. Unlike traditional pancakes, these will not bubble to let you know when its time to flip. If you can get a spatula underneath to peak if its slightly golden brown that's usually the perfect time.

[Note: The perfect pancake is only flipped once or twice to cook both sides. You don't want a flat sad pancake so pay attention to your cook times and be on alert at your stovetop!]

7. That's it! Stack your pancakes as high as you'd like and serve with your favorite toppings!

** Instead of applesauce you can use mashed bananas to create a banana pancake! Or if desired you could do half applesauce and half banana!

*** To make the recipe vegan sub the egg whites for a flax seed "egg."



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