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Get to Know Me :)

As I am sitting at home in quarantine from the craziness that is our reality at the moment, it seemed only natural that I finally create a blog to accompany my vlogs, tutorials, and media in general!

I suppose I am best described as a creative individual in constant need of an artistic outlet. First and foremost I am an aspiring professional ballet dancer-my greatest passion in life-which has led me through so many amazing opportunities. I am also a dabbler in the visual arts as I find the two often go hand in hand with my artistic expression. This passion has also led me to my greeting card business- En Cloche Card Co. (again hand-in-hand between the two art forms). Finally, my partaking in these crafts encouraged me to start a lifestyle and resource channel on Youtube this past year.

This is a sort of rushed introduction to me as I'm more eager to dive into sharing insightful blog posts on these areas. If you would like to hear a bit more about me before reading on be sure to check out my instagram, Etsy, and of course my youtube channel to see my creativity in full action!

(and stay safe during this trying time)

Best wishes,


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