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Finding Motivation & Remaining Positive During Quarantine

Good morning friends


Happy Monday!

As we head into week 10 of quarantine there is a lot still weighing on our minds. Every morning when I wake up, I find it hard to believe that this is the world we are living in right now.

In my most recent upload on my youtube channel, I discussed how I am managing a lot of the struggles and challenges I have been facing this quarantine. While I tend to focus my discussion on dancers on the channel, the message I share is an important one for us all.

Waking up to get out of bed in a world as crazy and uncertain as ours right now is a challenge all on it's own-and once we achieve that we're met with additional layers of chaos.

Inside with all of these thoughts racing in our heads, it's time to get the discussion going with our family, friends, and ourselves in order to reach a state of peace of mind.

I've asked my viewers to leave a comment on the video, whether that be:

a reflection,

a question,


any advice you may have for others going through this experience (with you!)

How have you remained positive and motivated during this time? Is this something you're still working out?

My hope is that this video can help at least one person during this difficult time-and if it doesn't, that the community build around it will!

Now, after that lengthy introduction that I promised I would never do.....

HERE's the video :)


Stay Safe



All the best,


DancingwithGrace <3

P.S. I just uploaded a fun little vlog to lighten things up a bit! Check it out below :) & SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel HERE

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