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Ballet Dancer Nighttime Routine (and skincare routine during COVID-19) <3

If you are reading this in March of 2020 chances are we're all in the same boat-or rather confined to the same metaphorical boat of being quarantined in your house due to the vicious outbreak of


This is a tough time for everyone as there are a lot of uncertainties looming over us. As a ballet dancer (or dancer in general) it has been especially difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle of "at home ballet classes" in great attempts to keep in shape. I am by no means complaining about these circumstances-it is of the utmost importance that we all do our part to keep one another safe. Performing-although the passion of my life-is not prioritized over another being's health.

With that being said, in order to keep us sane in this state of isolation, we should all take the time we most certainly have to practice an act of self-care if not multiple times a week at the very minimum once.

In a recent video, I shared my nighttime and skincare routine after a long day of rehearsals in order to prepare for an upcoming grueling day. While it might not seem "necessary" to maintain this same lifestyle while remaining in my house, I find it to be a significant ritual in maintaining my mental health.

In this video I use various Burts Bees products.

I highly recommend their products (especially their makeup-as mentioned in my What's in My Dance Bag video seen here: )

All in all leaving myself-and you-motivated and refreshed for a new day in the life of Quarantine.

This skincare routine has given me a sense of much needed normalcy during this time and I hope it can do the same for you or at the very least give you something somewhat entertaining to watch!

And of course .... be sure to keep washing your hands thoroughly I highly recommend Method Hand Soap products!!!

All the best,


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